Google X-ray

This list of rough drafts fills in the gap between the 2009 Digital Gutenberg and late 2012:

  1. Google Glass: Are Weaponized Nanodevices and Ultra-Miniaturization Coming? (8/5/2013)
  2. A Bitter Cup of Java: The Oracle-Google Percolation (12/01/2010)
  3. A New Sales Recipe for the Enterprise: Governance, Semantics, and a Dash of Open Source Sauce (09/01/11)
  4. Are Google Conferences on Your Enterprise’s Radar? (02/02/10)
  5. Big Data: The New Information Challenge (12/01/10)
  6. Can Google’s eCommerce Services Wooing the B2B and B2C Market? (8/12/2011)
  7. Choice: A Growing Problem in Enterprise Search (02/28/2011)
  8. Compound Documents: Google May Be in Your Future (01/28/2011)
  9. Could Google Become the Semantic Web? (02/01/2010)
  10. Does Google+ Add Up for the Enterprise? (06/20/2011)
  11. Google Age 10: Growth Amplification or Growth Attenuation (03/01/2008)
  12. Google and IPv6: Another Y2K? (12/12/2011)
  13. Google and Its Rich Media Intentions (03/01/2010)
  14. Google and Its Strategy of “Meh” (06/20/2011)
  15. Google and Salesforce: Composite Applications for Better Enterprise Lift (03/01/2008)
  16. Google and the Enterprise: Push or Pull? (12/01/2007)
  17. Google and the Enterprise: Spring 2009 Campaign (02/09/2009)
  18. Google Broadband: Is There an Enterprise Angle? (04/04/2010)
  19. Google Communications: Regular, Blended, or Transformational? (07/06/2010)
  20. Google Enterprise Apps: A Microsoft Migraine? (04/01/2010)
  21. Google Enterprise Apps: Forcing Competitors to React (01/01/2011)
  22. Google Enterprise: Are the Caution Lights Flashing? (08/06/2010)
  23. Google Enterprise: Reseller Challenges Arriving (10/01/2010)
  24. Google Glue? Will Google Adhere to You? (02/01/2008)
  25. Google Grinds Its Search Gears and Delivers Cold Mangos (06/20/2011)
  26. Google in the Enterprise 2009: The Cuculus Strategy (11/01/2008)
  27. Google Instant: A Reason to Buy AdWords (11/01/2010)
  28. Google Levels Up Its Search Appliance (11/01/2010)
  29. Google Maps: A Magnet for Enterprise Geospatial Mash-ups (07/21/2008)
  30. Google Mounts a Big WAC Attack on Microsoft in the Enterprise (08/04/2009)
  31. Google Nurtures Its Enterprise Service (03/17/2011)
  32. Google Physics: Gentle Pressure, Big Force (06/01/2008)
  33. Google Search 2010: A Mid Year Report Card (05/03/2010)
  34. Google Street View: Fender Bender on the Information Highway (01/01/2010)
  35. Google Translate: Everyone’s Language Wallah (09/01/2009)
  36. Google Wave Splashes into the Enterprise (11/09/2010)
  37. Google, Microsoft, and GM: Large Corporate Beast Mating Rituals (01/15/2011)
  38. Google, Rich Media, and the Enterprise (06/02/2010)
  39. Google: A MIRV from the Cloud (04/10/2008)
  40. Google: Solving One Problem, Creating New Opportunities (03/07/2008)
  41. Google’s Automated Coding Machine: It Slices, It Dices, and More (08/03/2010)
  42. Google’s Enterprise Search: From Headliner to Bit Player (08/12/2011)
  43. Google’s Expanding Telecommunication Service (03/19/2009)
  44. Google’s Management Change and the Enterprise (04/20/2011)
  45. Google’s MapReduce, Chubby, and the Hadoop the Loop (08/06/2010)
  46. Google’s App Engine: Getting Serious about the Enterprise Market (04/14/2009)
  47. Google’s New Services: The Chiaroscuro Motif (07/09/2009)
  48. Image Recognition Semantics: A Job for Smart Software or an Average Human (05/24/2011)
  49. Maps assume enterprise role (09/29/2008)
  50. No One Best Search Engine: One-Size Fits All Won’t Work (02/01/2007)
  51. Privacy: Balancing on a Knife Edge (04/22/2008)
  52. Real Time Search: Where Retrieval and Discovery Collide (09/01/2009)
  53. Semantic Technology: From Sentiment to Applications (03/17/2011)
  54. SharePoint Governance: Is Semantic Technology the Answer? (05/01/2011)
  55. The Enterprise and an Increasing Need for Semantics (02/01/2011)
  56. The Enterprise Search and Toros Celebres (09/05/2010)
  57. The Enterprise, Mobile, and Semantic Technology (01/31/2011)
  58. The Google Enterprise Fabric (12/17/2009)
  59. The Google Spring: Not a Company, a Movement (10/15/2011)


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